Best Franchises for Veterans: Why Military Veterans Love Scoop Soldiers

Here at Scoop Soldiers, one of our founding principles is to support the veteran community.  

But we aren’t all talk—we actually walk the walk when it comes to lifting up veterans. Whether it’s the work we do outside of our pet waste removal franchise or our discounted franchise fees for veterans, we’re here to support those who have done so much for our country.  

Today we’re going to be focusing on one of our veteran Franchise Owners, Andrew Entwistle. A recent signee to the Scoop Soldiers team, Andrew has already found that his decision to invest in one of the best franchises for veterans was a good one.

Andrew’s Story as a Franchise Owner with Scoop Soldiers—a Top Franchise for Veterans

Andrew signed on as a Franchise Owner in 2021, with his territories being North Austin, Round Rock and the Georgetown/Leander areas in Texas. Initially, Andrew worked for Scoop Soldiers Corporate in recruiting, training, operations and logistics.  

Prior to his work with Scoop Soldiers, Andrew was a military police officer from 2007-2014, which prepared him well for his jump to becoming a Franchise Owner.  

“It taught me discipline and structure … which has allowed me to maintain my focus and drive,” says Andrew of his military background. “It taught me that failure is acceptable, but quitting is not. It gave me confidence in myself…” 

What Andrew believes was most important about his time as a military officer as it related to his time as Franchise Owner was understanding that “… with the right team, anything is possible.”

Why Andrew Made the Jump to Franchising with Scoop Soldiers

With an inside perspective on Scoop Soldiers as an employee at the corporate level, Andrew saw firsthand the success of this business opportunity for veterans. 

“This was an easy choice for me. I knew a great deal about the company, how it operated, what the vision was and the amazing individuals who brought it to life and kept it surging forward on a daily basis,” says Andrew on his decision to franchise with Scoop Soldiers. 

But Andrew also had his sights set on working with a franchise that had shown it could grow. 

“At the end of the day, the deciding factor … was the undeniable history of growth and time-tested and proven success.”  

Why Andrew Has Had Success with Scoop Soldiers

Andrew believes that Scoop Soldiers has found success as a franchise by simply doing great work.  

“After (the customer) gets that first free service and receives the completion email … they are happy to see they are getting everything they were promised,” says Andrew. “They see the technicians who are happy to be there for them and their pups.” 

What really makes Scoop Soldiers stand out as a franchise opportunity is how we’ve turned the mundane into an honest service that keeps customers happy and satisfied.  

“Scoop Soldiers took something you pay the neighbor 10 bucks to do and turned it into an honest, thriving and unique profession. We lead the way for what is now a booming industry while keeping our guarantees and client care at the top of the priority list.” 

In addition to ensuring our customers are happy and content with the services we provide, Scoop Soldiers also stands out with unparalleled corporate support. This includes leadership with 10+ years of experience in the home-services-based businesses. 

With the pet industry booming and comprehensive support and a business model that works, Scoop Soldiers is a rock-solid investment.  

“The most rewarding thing about being a Franchise Owner is the stability,” says Andrew. “You have constant support; the nuts and bolts are the same every day—I’m proud to be a part of Scoop Soldiers.” 

Interested in joining Andrew as a Scoop Soldiers Franchise Owner? Fill out this form to get started!

How Scoop Soldiers Supports Veterans

We don’t just talk the talk when it comes to being a top franchise for veterans. Here are some of the ways we put our words into actions.

Valor Dog Support

Scoop Soldiers is a proud partner of Valor Dogs, an organization that boards and trains service dogs to be placed with military veterans. Service dogs can benefit veterans in many ways, including through mobility and PTSD assistance.  

Recently, Scoop Soldiers sponsored Hunter Valor, who trained for 25 months and was placed with his hero this past September. 

Military Discount on Franchise Fees

We believe business opportunities for veterans should be more prevalent. As mentioned, we also offer a 33% discount on franchise fees for our military veteran Franchise Owners. We understand the significant value that veterans have as Franchise Owners with us, and we want to make it easier for them to get started as Scoop Soldiers owners.

Enlist with Success.

Be a part of mission-driven, dog-loving franchise opportunity.

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