Start-up Territories Provide a Traditional Franchising Experience

What is a Start-Up Territory: A city/DMA/territory that has no Scoop Soliders location operating. It is one that a franchisee will develop from the ground up.

More information on start-up territory: Scoop Soldiers startup territories present the perfect space for prospective business owners looking to get involved in the nitty-gritty of the business and open in a new Scoop Soldiers’ market. Though corporate support and expertise is available to franchise owners as they grow, there is no preexisting Scoop Soldiers presence in a startup territory, meaning franchisees are entering a completely untapped market. With careful strategizing and corporate support where available, owners in these markets can establish a strong brand presence and extensive client list over time. 

In the case of a startup territory, market selection is based largely on franchisee discretion. After analyzing the market where they currently live and work and researching optimal locations as they relate to prime markets, the franchisee, with the support of the corporate team, will finalize their protected territory.

With a standard investment fee comes access to Scoop Soldiers’ initial training process. This prepares owners for all of the steps necessary to launch, establish and ultimately operate their business in the chosen territory, including knowledge of how to generate business marketing strategy, secure a clientele base, increase brand awareness and streamline operations, all in line with Scoop Soldiers’ standards.

For prospective franchisees with prior experience in franchising or business ownership, a startup territory can be a great fit as it offers the flexibility and growth potential many entrepreneurial-spirited individuals crave while maintaining the benefits associated with the franchise business model.

The total cost to invest in Scoop Soldiers ranges from $61,300 to $111,300 per territory.


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