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As Strong and Stronger Than Brick & Mortar Franchises.


Take the first step to owning your own Scoop Soldiers franchise

    We have two business opportunities:
    Start-up | Enhanced

    A start-up market is from the ground up, you build the business. An enhanced market is one that we already grew.

    a small franchise that offers double the branding & twice the fun!

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    What our customers are saying

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    we have built a franchise model
    designed for scale and business value building.

    So you can focus on building your business and not get lost in paperwork.

    can open quickly

    Up and running in 60 days.

    corporate tested

    We operate alongside you, test out what’s working and what’s not.

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    Stronger than brick & mortar franchises.


    Don’t work weekends & have a team of resources behind you.

    business operations technology

    That monitors your scheduling, team’s performance & customer management.

    proven digital advertising

    Access to our digital marketing model that has built our corporate business. You don’t have to go find support in marketing, we do it for you.

    billing done through us

    Customer acquisition support, automatic scheduling, and billing.

    backed by dallas’ top landscaping business and staff

    Strategic partnerships that benefit you.

    managed call center For Proactive & Reactive Sales

    Unparalleled support is what makes joining our army a win-win.


    Being a business owner is tough. Being a business owner of an instant brand is tougher.

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    founder’s Story

    EJ McCoy

    EJ McCoy is the current CEO of Scoop Soldiers, a leading pet waste removal service franchise. McCoy joined the company in 2014 and has since played a crucial role in its growth and success. Under his leadership, Scoop Soldiers has expanded to new locations and introduced new services to meet the evolving needs of pet owners. McCoy is known for his innovative and strategic approach to business, as well as his strong commitment to customer satisfaction. He has implemented a number of initiatives to improve the company’s efficiency and effectiveness, including the development of a state-of-the-art scheduling system and the implementation of a rigorous training program for all employees. In addition to his work with Scoop Soldiers, McCoy is actively involved in the community and is a supporter of various animal welfare organizations.

    the investment

    The Journey To Ownership

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    Fill out the form and we will give you access to our Franchise Information Guide.

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    Complete the in-depth call with our development team.

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    Complete application and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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    Validation calls with our current Franchisees.

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    Attend Meet the Troops Day for final approval.

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    Sign the Franchise Agreement and begin your journey.


    Grit. Dedication. Passion. If you want to be alpha dog, it’s time to make your move—territories are available.
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    Hear from our current Franchise Owners and see why owning a Scoop Soldiers franchise is the perfect fit for their lifestyle.

    valor service dogs partnership

    We’re proud and honored to support the veteran community. Our philanthropic efforts support the Valor Service Dogs program. We sponsor dogs like Hunter for 20-24 months of training and boarding to get them ready for their forever home with a deserving veteran. We continue our support for that veteran with pet waste removal services for life.

    join the best and bravest
    on a mission of success

    We’re not afraid of hard work and dirty jobs. We operate with integrity and commitment to get the job done right that inspires confidence among our Franchise Owners and their customers. If you love dogs, a fun challenge and unlimited potential, enlist today.
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