Scoop Soldiers Opens First Nashville Location, Looks to Add 4–6 Units to the Market

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Scoop soldiers truck in Nashville

Scoop Soliders, the 20-plus-unit franchise that helps pet owners with waste removal services, has seen great successes as it expands both on the franchising and corporate side. In January of this year, the company opened its first Nashville location, which is corporate-owned but available as an enhanced territory for a new franchisee who wants to invest in a pre-established business. The opening also signals the emergence of the brand in the market, where it hopes to establish more units.

“By launching a corporate location in Nashville, we’re priming the market for future growth. By building brand awareness throughout the city, new franchisees who come on board will have the ability to tap into that recognition and expand their businesses at a faster rate. We’re looking forward to working with franchise partners in the area,” said Scott Oaks, vice president of franchise development.

And the territory is already starting to see great traction, with 125 customers signed up by the mid-year point. The Nashville location is already “on track to add a second truck and second employee in a few weeks — proving to be one of our fastest market launches,” said Cofounder E.J. McCoy. “We will likely add a third truck by Q2 of 2023.”

The area is a hot multi-territory spot where the brand foresees there being market space for about four to six units total. The corporate unit is available as an enhanced territory for business owners who are interested in franchising with a company that already has its doors open and has an established customer base.

“We are poised for growth. We’ve got the foundation laid, and we’re confident in our know-how of taking our system and process and plugging it in anywhere and getting those results,” McCoy added.” 

Scoop Soldiers chose Nashville as a place to grow for a number of reasons.

“Regionally, if you look in the service areas we’re in, Nashville makes sense from a geographic standpoint. Demographically, it also makes a lot of sense because of its population growth,” McCoy said. “Tennessee is also very business friendly. We’ve been itching to get there for a couple of years, so it was just a matter of time.”

Nashville is seeing a big surge in the number of people moving there: Davidson County, where the city is located, saw almost double the growth rate for population compared to the country average from 2010 to 2020, according to National Public Census Data. And more homeowners means more pet owners and more business for the brand.

There is so much opportunity from a franchise standpoint in this industry. This industry is still in its infancy. It only has room to go up. It’s going to become a big part of pet ownership. There’s a huge opportunity in that,” said McCoy.

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