Get a Boost With Scoop Soldiers Enhanced Territories

What is an Enhanced Territory: A city/DMA/territory Scoop Soldiers has been operating and growing a customer base in. It is one that a franchisee will buy the existing territory and take over ownership/operations.

More information on enhanced territory: A rare offering in the service-based industry, Scoop Soldiers franchisees have an opportunity to accelerate their growth with the brand by purchasing an enhanced territory (also known as a corporate location). This allows immediate access to a market that has been previously established by the corporate team as franchisees convert the corporate market into a franchisee-owned market.

As they convert an existing location into a franchise, Scoop Soldiers business owners can take advantage of the existing infrastructure and brand awareness in the community, securing a quicker return on investment. This path to ownership also routes owners around some of the time-consuming challenges associated with breaking into a fresh market. In addition to streamlining franchisees’ investment process, enhanced territories ensure scalability later on.

With an investment in an enhanced territory comes the option to carry over existing clients and employees to further fortify the business. Enhanced territory investors pay the traditional franchise fee and startup costs, as well as an additional charge per established client. In territories with a significant number of existing clients, traditional marketing can be waived and the franchisee can opt to acquire existing employees and equipment in the market. While owners are not starting from a blank slate, they still have a level of control over how they choose to proceed—the perfect hybrid of a startup and business acquisition.

Enhanced territories present a unique opportunity as the corporate team is able to establish and prove the success of the model in a range of geographies, climates and communities. Rather than relying on franchisees to take the leap, testing new operations, structures or markets while they work to establish a business from scratch, the Scoop Soldiers corporate team carries that load. That way, by the time the opportunity is presented to independent franchisees, the leadership team is confident in the potential for success.

Scoop Soldiers has established enhanced territories that are ready to transfer to franchisee ownership in various markets throughout the U.S.


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    enhanced market opportunity

    Corporate Territory # of Territories
    Houston, TX 12
    Orlando, FL 6
    Nashville, TN 5
    Denver, CO 7
    Las Vegas, NV 5
    San Antonio, TX 5
    Atlanta, GA 5
    Oklahoma City, OK 3
    Tulsa, OK 2
    Charlotte, NC 5
    Raleigh-Durham, NC 3
    Colorado Springs, CO 1

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    2023 Projected Corp Openings

    02/2023, N. Virginia/DC, VA   |   04/2023, Seattle, WA   |   06/2023, Salt Lake City, UT   |   06/2023, Kansas City, MO

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